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Nude Me/Under the Skin: Unbinding a path to Black Women’s healing one pantyhose at a time

In this site-specific performance at Two Temple Place, Enam worked with tights to enact the healing and unbinding of Black women from the constrictions of Western society. The performance is an ode to the female form, its fluidity, its power and its softness, but was given particular contemporary relevance as it was developed in response to both the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The performance was accompanied by cellist Sya Sanon who played a composition incorporating music from the song ‘Woezor’ by the contemporary Ghanaian artist Worlasi fused with #Bach’s classical #CelloSuite II ‘Nude Me/Under the Skin’ was performed live at Two Temple Place as part of London Craft Week in September 2020. 

The performance revolves around a pyramid frame, the triangle, the symbol representing the union of mind, body and spirit and when inverted is the symbol of femininity. The core of the piece is creating a live artwork by winding and weaving lengths of tights to the pyramid frame. Starting from the base of the frame (the top of the inverted triangle as symbol of femininity) and working up towards the pyramids apex – the place of ascension and spiritual awakening. The thought is that the vibration of both the music and my movement moves through the tight lengths to reverberate around and through the live and online audience providing a moment of healing and regeneration. The tight lengths in return absorb all the pain held within the audience member’s bodies to flow through the pyramid frame and out through its root into the earth. The body is then left whole and open to the awakening needed to provide balance and wellness.

Director: Freddie Leyden